Beginning of activity

Continuously expanding business since 1974

It was 1974. A company was born near Varese that would change the concept of  underwear for the night of all of us: STELLA DUE G.

Years go by and what was a small business becomes an increasingly present and established reality in the MADE IN ITALY clothing sector, synonymous with professional commitment, production capacity and established  quality.

The quality is proved not only by the operational choices and technological innovations carried out by the company’s top management, but also by the daily search for the best fabrics (pure wool, pure cotton, mixed and synthetic yarns) and for the increasingly  modern finishes for the young line and classic ones for the man-woman collection.


Stella 2 G basic policy

It’s a constant and personal commitment also in styling, which allows us to create a perfect synergy between the different requests  of our customers, who are always more careful to choose quality products to wear during  any time of the day.

Increasingly  fashionable patterns, colors and models to be wear also for moments of relaxation at home. A note of merit is due to  the newborn / child line: nice, elegant, comfortable and quality garments for our first customers.

Forever and ever the STELLA DUE GI line means quality, wearability of models and brilliance of colors but above all, a guarantee of a washing proof garment over the years at an excellent connection between quality and price.

Sales Channels

STELLA 2G pajamas are all over the world

It is possible to find our garments throughout Italy and also in the main large distribution thanks to a wide network of wholesalers, who are faithful to the STELLA DUE G brand for decades.

We guarantee to satisfy all your needs in the best way thanks to a prompt and correct service with MADE IN ITALY quality .

Stella Due G: Dresses Your Dreams